Burlington Betterment and Beautification Bureau

Current Activities:

BBBB is on hiatus but intends to return to weekly friday trash pickup parades soon!

Things to bring to a trash parade:
> friends!
> signs about the urgency of strong action to stem catastrophic climate crisis
> rubber gloves

This is in solidarity with Greta Thunberg's Friday's For Future and with Extinction Rebellion, though not directly associated with either.

gidy up.


@BBBB_VT (twitter)
Email list (very sporadic, only about direct actions)


The Burlington Betterment and Beautification Bureau (BBBB) is a direct action and advocacy organization committed to improving Burlington Vermont by reducing vehicular idling and litter and increasing color, joy and sustainability. We pursue these concerns with parades, guerrilla gardening/knitfitti and trash pickup.

Every meeting of the BBBB includes a trash pickup parade.


In the winter and spring of 2019 BBBB hosted a protest/cleanup strike/parade Fridays at Pomeroy Park at noon. From there we walked around with signs and music and pick up litter

Projects from 2011-2012 included a seed bomb vending machine and little free library.

BBBB was started in 2011 by Trav Fryer and Becca Hill. This site was created for free using FreeNom and Surge.